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Houseboat in Dal Lake, Nageen Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir

Houseboats in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir are usually stationary. They are usually moored at the edges of the Dal Lake and Nageen Lake. Some of the houseboats there were built in the early 1900s, and are still being rented out to tourists. These houseboats are made of wood and usually have intricately carved wood panelling.

Many tourists are attracted to Srinagar by the charm of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water in a cedar-panelled elegant bedroom, with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel. 

Each houseboat is decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically. Like hotels, houseboats vary in degree of luxury and have been accordingly graded.

A luxury houseboat, like a luxury hotel, has fine furniture, good carpets and modern bathroom fittings. Like hotels too, houseboats vary widely in their locations.

Some overlook the main road, others look out onto lotus gardens and others face tiny local markets and villages, which are also floating on the lake. All houseboats, regardless of category, have highly personalized service. Not only is there always a "houseboy" for every boat, but the owner and his family are often close by.

Every standard houseboat provides a balcony in the front, a lounge, dining room, pantry and three or more bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All houseboats not moored to the bank of the river or lakes provide a Shikara as a free service from the houseboat to the nearest Ghat (jetty). Virtually every houseboat in Srinagar has been provided with a municipal water connection.

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